Payment is required to park 10 AM to midnight, Monday through Saturdays – except Holidays and Sundays.


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On-Street Parking Meters – $1.25/hour Off-Street Parking Meters – $0.75/hour
Courthouse Square, Jackson Avenue, North Lamar, South Lamar and Van Buren Avenue South 11th Street, Harrison Avenue, Monroe Avenue and Tyler Avenue


Paid off-street lots:

The following off-street lots are available for paid parking by-the-hour or with a parking permit.

• Monroe Avenue (Between N Lamar and N 13th St.) – $0.75/hr
• Van Buren-Harrison Lot (High Cotton) – $0.75/hr
• Jackson-Monroe Lot (next to Something Southern, Nail Bar) – $0.75/hr
• City Hall Lot – $0.75/hr
• Harrison-Tyler Lot (behind Old Venice) – $0.75/hr
• Parking Garage Surface Lot – $0.75/hr
• Parking Garage (1st Floor Only) – $1.00/hr
• Jackson-9th Street Lot (next to DHS building) – $0.75/hr
• Jackson Avenue (Between N 13th St. and S 14th St.) – $0.75/hr


Free parking:

  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the parking garage are FREE, excluding special events.
  • OPC/Water Tower lot, accessed via S. 14th St or S. 15th St.


Download the map here.